justin aversano silkscreen tarot card collection on “smoke and also mirrors” that bridges electronic and also analog

justin aversano silkscreen tarot series on "smoke and mirrors" that bridges digital and analog

Meeting with justin aversano on ‘Smoke and also Mirrors’

Based mainly in Los Angeles, in ‘Smoke and also Mirrors’ digital photographer and also musician Justin Aversano produces his individual version of the tarot card deck with a mixed-media method that links the electronic and also analog globes. Considering that 2018, Aversano has actually photographed 78 systems of musicians, astrologists, psychics and also various mystics from globe vast, every standing for a single tarot card in a photograph deck. “Individuals that locate themselves in my life, that I accompany, that I look as high as, that I require to accompany – this endeavor has actually enabled me to make these links using art work.” informs designboom.

After taking a black and also white picture of every specific individual, Aversano changes the photo right into a silkscreen published on papyrus paper from Egypt, after which retakes it and also transforms it right into {a photo}. NFT. “I call them tarot scrolls as an outcome of they’re silkscreens on papyrus, and also it is a technique to bridge historical paper to as much as day printing procedures after which placed them on the blockchain.” describes. “It truly deals with the previous, existing and also future and also does with time in exactly how it’s developed and also implemented.”

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managing death using art work

As in earlier jobs, Justin Aversano‘Smoke and also Mirrors’ takes on a style that’s similarly usual and also personal for the musician: death. “All my jobs have this element of death,” He states throughout our meeting. “Ought to you look at the birthday celebration endeavor, it honors my mommy whereas she’s however active and also going by method of radiation treatment and also the method you having fun life and also the method you support each day and also everyone in it. ‘cognition’ started soon after the birthday celebration endeavor, after my mommy handed away, and also was to collect the destroyed products of me – the collection of doing that. Among the easiest means to go. As well as I started Double Blazes 2 years later on, and also it was additional to recognize my double that handed away earlier than we had actually been birthed. Smoke and also Mirrors is for my dad and also it has to do with managing him and also his certainty earlier than death happens. He is however active nevertheless informs me on everyday basis that he will certainly pass away promptly. I require to deal with that sensation and also never ever needs to recover later on and also really encounter it with it.’

For Aversano, the tale of ‘Smoke and also Mirrors’ unravels, the trip and also the location death brings you or allows you experience a whole brand-new life. As a result of this endeavor, he remained in a placement to talk additional regarding death, regard it and also never ever hesitate of it. The {photo} of his dad, the Perishing card, shows him standing at Aversano’s mommy’s tomb, succeeding to a headstone that furthermore births his last name.‘An extremely effective element is love and also the moment you invest with a person. That is truth incentive of death earlier than it happens. Whenever you truly feel that is mosting likely to take place, all you have the ability to do is hang around with them. There is no such point as a various strategy, it would certainly strike everyone. Numerous people accompany me using my art work. His daddy and also mommy are deceased or someone is going by method of his life. Passing away attaches all of us as an outcome of everyone stay it.’

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death card


Aversano makes a black and also white version for each of his 78 picture pictures after which publishes them in silkscreen. “Silkscreen appears like being inside an electronic electronic camera” describes. “Whenever you position the paper, it is such as you’re displaying the film, and also as soon as you press the wiper it is such as you’re immediate the shutter switch.” I such as to mention exactly how display screen printing really appears like a photo training course of, the location the display screen is the mirror and also the sunlight is ink.’ Every of the silkscreens is published theoretically of Egyptian beginning. ‘It was really pressed by the forefathers, and also I want to claim that this endeavor is for the forefathers, for our daddy and also mommy. This endeavor is definitely for that, exactly how do you offer your life to your enjoyed ones? As well as for me, with my art work, with the lens and also the method I see the globe and also the method I require to accompany individuals. It is one of the most efficient reason to develop art work and also accompany various individuals.’

Aversano furthermore draws in a parallel in between the endeavor and also Egyptian hieroglyphs. “In a approach we’re producing brand-new hieroglyphs or neoglyphs” notes. “In historical circumstances, they attracted glyphs of concerns know a routine basis life, and also I puzzled what the hieroglyphs would certainly seem currently.” For me photos is among the very best means to communicate this as an outcome of it’s the image of reality. The papyrus furthermore provides itself really perfectly to the principle of ​​the tarot card concept and also the method previous the stories are and also humankind itself. I require to join our historical selves and also collaborate with blockchain, attaching these 2 globes previous and also brand-new, analog and also electronic. Not merely within the last NFTs, nevertheless within the training course of.’

justin aversano
King of Cash Money


After 4 years in its production, ‘Smoke and also Mirrors’ could be shown in Istanbul in between 25 March – 8 April 2023. Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles after which from April 25 to Can 14 EXTENDED.ART in Berlin. 78 products of the endeavor could be on program together with a e publication that includes a tarot card deck of photographes. “That is my really own version of the tarot card, so the e publication includes every one of the pictures inside and also recommendations the having fun cards they identify.” States Aversano. “So as soon as you do the analyses, the e publication shows you what the playing cards indicate.”

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Black and also white version of King of Cash Money

justin aversano
9 Swords

justin aversano
9 Sticks

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Present display printing of 9 of Teams

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10 Mugs

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